Juliet English

Home Educator

A bit more about me:

  • B.A. Social Work and several years Social Work experience
  • Married to Larry since 1986
  • Mum to 7 children (most now in work or further study), and granny to 1
  • Began home educating in South Africa in 1998
  • Founded and facilitated successful home education support groups in:
    • Durban, South Africa¬†

    • Pretoria, South Africa

    • Coventry, United Kingdom (current)

  • Committee Member, Kwa-Zulu Natal Homeschooling Association Committee for 1 term, which included running the annual conference
  • Organised Speech and Drama Festival for Home Educators in Durban South Africa
  • Organiser of the annual Learn Free Home Educators Conference, held live in Coventry, or virtually in 2020 and 2021
  • Speaker at Home Education Conferences
  • Instrumental in helping to improve the relationship between the LA and home educators in Coventry
  • Part of a team offering monthly drop-in advice sessions for home educators in Coventry
  • Admin of several Facebook groups which support home educators
  • Help many home educators regularly with advice and support on a voluntary basis
  • Involved in several initiatives promoting the benefits of home education, and challenging negative stereotypes
  • Director at the Streams website, encouraging, equipping and connecting home educators
  • Founder of Bold & Free, selling clothing and accessories that promote home education in a fun and positive way
  • Actively engaged with local, national and international home education networks, to promote the freedom of families to choose how their children are educated
  • Promoting home education through the production of informative videos, interviewing experts and others with relevant experience
  • Manage The Home Education Channel on YouTube, which hosts videos about home education in the UK
  • Manage the Learn Free Conference channel on YouTube, which hosts all our conference videos, many of which are freely available to view
  • Contributor “Another Way to Learn: Discovering the beauty of home education – an essential guide”