Juliet English

Home Educator

Why a structured approach could work for you

When parents think of structured home education, some may think it is too rigid and fast-paced but this doesn’t have to be the case. Structured home education courses like those offered by Wolsey Hall Oxford, are student-focussed, led by the child’s pace and style of learning. The emphasis is on flexibility and adaptability to the student.

Structured home learning also includes:

  • Development of independent learners. Material is not ‘spoon-fed’ in the way it may be in a traditional classroom. Instead students are responsible for their own learning through textbooks and online resources and as a consequence are better prepared for work or further study.
  • Flexible approach. With no online lessons to attend, students can work at their own pace and at a time of day when they are likely to be most productive. It also lends itself particularly well to students who may be travelling or have other commitments such as elite athletes or performing artists.
  • Set your own pace of learning. If your child is gifted they can access courses at a much higher level so they continue to be challenged and progress. Equally, if your child has Special Educational Needs, they can learn at the pace that suits them. An important feature of structured home schooling courses is that your child will only move on to the next module of learning when all concepts are fully understood.
  • Support for Special Educational needs: Wolsey Hall has a Learning Support Manager who can investigate your child’s needs to identify and plan how they will be supported with their studies.
  • A team effort: The greater the support students receive both at home and from their college, the higher will be the completion rate. Students receive a high level of support from Wolsey Hall and we do our best to make sure they will also do so at home before they begin their courses This results in almost 80% of our students completing their courses.
  • Clear monitoring. Our online platform allows parents to monitor their child’s progress.
  • Curriculum coverage: A structured approach to home schooling allows the curriculum content to be covered more quickly than in a traditional school where there are many distractions. As your child’s study hours will be shorter, it allows for more unstructured learning opportunities in the day.

A recent poll of Wolsey Hall parents asked them to identify the three key aspects they liked about their courses. Structure, tutor support and flexibility came out tops.

With Wolsey Hall’s structured home schooling courses, the responsibility for your child’s education is shared and you will always have someone on hand to support you. To find out more visit the Wolsey Hall website.